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Three years ago today, my darling daughter got married in a ceremony that was as unique as she is. She and her husband decided that a traditional, no expense spared, event was not for them (big sigh of relief this end) and so they chose a wedding in the city where they live with a reception at an iconic recording studio. In keeping with the minimal theme of the day, they were not planning much in the way of either catering or flowers and whilst I was keen to respect their ideals, I was also keen to contribute a little bit of magic to make their day. They were insistent on an almost non-existent budget and refused to let us contribute financially. The only way forward was to DIY it, so fuelled by a lot of coffee, I did all the catering for 150 people, two wedding cakes, a lot of decorations, one bouquet, two wrist corsages and six buttonholes along with flowers throughout. The most rewarding task was helping my daughter make her own wonderful silk 1950’s style wedding dress. 

Remarkably we managed to do all the flowers including the bouquet from what we had in the garden – and better still, by the time I had finished cutting flowers and foliage, there was no evidence that I had removed anything and the borders were all still packed. Thank god for a June wedding. The only concession that we made towards providing enough flowers was to buy three more eryngium plants. As a family, we all love eryngiums and so their structural beauty had to play a part. Henceforth, of course, those three eryngiums will be a memory of that day. Only this summer I gave my daughter some of the red sweet peas that were in her bouquet to grow in her garden and can you believe that the very first flower came out today. These are the little memories that mean so much more. On my daughter’s first wedding anniversary I was able to give her a bunch of the very same flowers that were in her bouquet and now she even has some of them growing in her own garden. 

Sow a seed and watch it grow….

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