Snow, Rain, Sleet, Repeat!

Well after years of moaning that we haven’t had a proper winter and it was all down to global warming, this year has proved us wrong. From New Year’s day the snow lay on the ground for a full two weeks and there hasn’t been much let up since. When it hasn’t snowed, it’s rained and the water table is so high that there has been a river running past the hens and the pond burst it’s banks. All this at a time when we were trying to get some big structural jobs done in the garden. Before Christmas I managed to construct a replacement for the three bay compost heap which had fallen apart. This was entirely built for free, thanks to some donated log crates with pallet bases. Whilst it isn’t the most beautiful structure to behold, it is practical and is largely hidden from view anyway. As the New Year arrived, so did Lee (or Saint Lee as I now call him) who has battled through the elements to build a fantastic raised deck at the back of the white garden. Sitting on the top of a previously unloved hump which I was frankly sick of weeding, and adjacent to the old brick shed, this imaginative area affords us an elevated view across the fields towards the sandstone escarpment and Delamere Forest. It also lets us enjoy the very last rays of the setting sun, and along with the jetty, will be much used at the end of the gardening day.  It has rather grandly been christened ‘The Observatory’ because Mr P hopes to use his new Christmas telescope there as he should have a wide expanse of sky. In fact, the only down side that I can see, is that I will absolutely have to smarten up the shed with a re-paint as soon as the weather allows. Having designed and built this marvellous construction, Saint Lee has now moved on to replacing most of the jetty timbers, which have, over the past 13 years become slightly perilous. Sadly for Lee, this means standing for prolonged periods of time in icy water but I’m sure there must be some health benefits to that – lower blood pressure or something! Keen to make full use of his talents whilst he’s here, the offcuts from the jetty will hopefully build a long wished-for asparagus bed. Back in late summer, I made a mental list of all the garden projects that I wanted to achieve over winter and whilst they haven’t all been achieved we are well on the way. I still haven’t found either the perfect position for my auricular theatre, nor have I found the right way of building it, or exactly how I want it to look. I will continue to ponder but whilst I do, I have bought a little present for the garden (me) which has leant a little bit of a traditional look to the kitchen garden. It was a lucky find and will hopefully keep my artichoke Violette de Provence cosy for the rest of the winter…. 

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