Fork it!

Sometimes you just need a little five minute job which is not vital but lifts the spirits exponentially. Today this was mine. I’ve had this old handfork for years but realistically, whilst it’s beautiful, it really isn’t practical to use. I kept thinking I would use it as a door handle on the potting shed but really thought it would be a nightmare to fit. I considered using plumbing hardware used for securing pipes but in the end, sometimes it’s just better to seize the moment and tackle it without overthinking it. 

I drilled a hole in top and bottom using a metal drill bit for the fork part. It took quite a bit of drilling as the metal was thick in this area but once it was drilled, I just needed to find a way to fix it away from the surface of the door so that it was practical to get your hand around. In the moment, I found a bamboo cane, cut two short pieces, and drilled the centre out of them. I had already raided my Grandfather’s old chest of bits and bobs for some nice long bolts, suitably rusty so they weren’t too new looking. Once the bolts were fed through the holes in the fork and then the short pieces of bamboo slotted on, I just needed to drill the door twice in the right place. Bingo! Done!

Well reader, this was so much easier than expected and do you know? I love it every time I go to the potting shed, which is obviously every day! It was such a simple thing but has turned out to be the most aesthetically pleasing and practical job I’ve done in a while. Plus, it’s another thing that isn’t hanging around waiting for me to do something with it! Win, win, flipping win! 


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