A time to reap

Those of us who consider ourselves to be fruit and vegetable gardeners ultimately only have one aim and that’s to make sure that our harvest is sufficient to allow us to feel smug for the rest of the gardening year. If we can fill our freezers and store cupboards, swap preserving recipes with friends and …

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The Elusive Mr P

In the years since we starting planting our garden, it has become a lush oasis of foliage, fuelled partly by the copious amounts of chicken poo which form a major constituent of the composting process but also, in part, by our love of tall, architectural plants. Friends are always amazed by what appears, in winter, …

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99 Red Balloons

Today is my mother’s 99th birthday. This picture of her sitting at her potting bench was from earlier in the summer when lockdown meant that we could enjoy gardening together regularly. Amazingly she still lives on her own and still has a passion for gardening. She tells me that she started gardening age four which …

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